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    Preserve the Pictures of Your Family’s History

    Think about those albums, boxes, or drawers full of old pictures from your childhood, passed down from your parents or grandparents. Those photographs contain precious images of life long ago -- perhaps the only visual reminders of people, places and events that shaped who you are.

    Looking through them rekindles memories of days gone by, and reminds us of the faces we love and the experiences we cherish. Those are memories that we want future generations to be able to share as well. But the images of those memories are fading away – literally! The papers and chemicals that hold those memories won’t last forever. Exposure to light, heat and humidity, even time itself, gradually destroys the prints. One day they will be faded and deteriorated beyond recovery.


    If you don’t take steps now to save the images contained in those pictures, they will be lost forever.


    NexGen Images can help preserve the memories. We capture the images from paper or film and help you save them for future generations. By digitizing the images the fading and decay are stopped in their tracks. And once the images are captured, our advanced image processing technology can often recover details that are no longer visible in the paper pictures.

    With your new collection of digital images you can preserve those precious memories of the past for future generations, providing a connection to the people and events that otherwise might be lost.

  • NexGen Image Preservation Services

    Our experts, using advanced tools, provide results sure to delight future generations!

    NexGen BASIC

    We digitally capture your images at high resolution, then inspect each one to ensure the image is faithfully captured. The returned images will appear just as the original.

    We return your digital images to you on a USB flash drive, along with your originals.



    After digitizing your source material, we check the images and correct them for overall tone and faded colors, then use state-of-the-art image processing software and AI-based tools to remove most visible artifacts from the images, restoring the essence of the original image.

    The retouched images with newfound clarity are returned on a USB flash drive, along with the originals.


    NexGen PREMIER

    NexGen ENHANCED is usually sufficient to preserve your images. But, if your cherished photograph is really damaged, we offer services to repair it, overcoming damage resulting from age, handling or poor storage conditions. We correct damage, such as scratches, wrinkles, and cracks, as well as stray marks and mold spots. Prior to your order, we'll talk with you about the possibilities and provide an estimate of the cost of restoration before beginning work.

    AND... if you have old, black-and-white photos, our AI-based software can colorize them, providing a more life-like view of people, places, and events.

    Your images are returned on a USB flash drive, along with the originals.


    NexGen CUSTOM

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  • What does it cost?

    NexGen BASIC (Digitize only)

    Small photos (shortest side up to 8.5 inches)

    $0.40 each


    Large photos (shortest side longer than 8.5 inches)

    $1.00 each


    Photo album pages

    $2.00 per page


    Digital images will look the same as the original, including any artifacts or color shifts. But, they will be preserved from further deterioration.

    NexGen ENHANCED (Digitize and Adjust)

    Small photos

    $0.80 each


    Large photos

    $2.00 each


    Photo album pages (single image of the page plus individual images for each photo)

    $2.00, plus $0.80 per photo


    35mm slides (cardboard or plastic mounts)

    $1.00 each


    Photo negative strips (1-5 frames)

    $1.00 per frame


    Digital images will be adjusted to proper color and tone, and most artifacts will be removed. Does not include repair of damaged photos.


    NexGen PREMIER (Digitize and Restore)

    We offer custom pricing based upon the condition of your photo.


    With NexGen PREMIER, you will receive digital images that are restored, with color and image tone adjusted to create a pleasing picture. In addition, we can repair most types of damage, including folds, tears, stray marks, and spots. Scroll to the next page for some examples.


    Contact NexGen Images for more information and a quote for the cost of restoration.



    Minimum order: $25

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    Place your order

    Once you know how many and what types of images you want to preserve, use the online order form below to securely enter your order and select your payment method. You can either pay for the order upfront or be invoiced online and pay when we are ready to return your images.


    Get your pictures to us

    We accept shipments via all package services, although many of our users prefer shipping by UPS. If you have concerns about shipping your photos and you are in metro Atlanta, we can arrange to get them in person.


    We'll get to work on them

    Once we have your photos, we'll get to work on your order and prepare your digital images. While we work on your order, we securely store your originals. Normally, processing takes about a week once the originals are in our facility.


    We'll let you know when we're done

    Once we're happy with the quality of your images, we'll notify you and arrange for you to get the images (and your original photos). If you selected Deferred Online Payment, we'll send your final invoice.


    Delivery and payment

    We normally ship your originals back via UPS, but if you're local and prefer we can make arrangements for you to pick them up in person.


    That's it! But wait -- there's more...

    We'll securely store your digital images in our system for 30 days in case you decide you want additional services. Want help ensuring your memories are safely stored for the future? Talk with us. We can help.

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